Friday, June 23, 2017

Collage Art Work

- To create a visual image of a garden using collage.

-To show our understanding of plants through creating a visual image.
Look Below To See My Art

Materials :
1. Coloured Paper
2. Paper Plate
3.  Crepe Paper
4. Felts/ Vivids 

What Is In My Art: 
My Art Project contains a colourful Rainbow with some of the colours. Also has Tree with golden leaves as the main focus and also some colourful flowers and plants.


  1. Hi Brooke,
    I love how you put the list on the side of the things you put in the art collage. I love how, the gold leaves represents the main focus.
    Also please reread your last sentence to make sense, but besides that your blog post is great!

  2. Hi Brooke. I am Jasmine from Waikowhai Primary School i am in Te Waka Ako. I love your art work it's really pretty. You could add a little more colour of the leaves,this reminds me of a warm summer day. have a look at my blog