Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day #7: Bonus Activity - Winter Learning Journey (Keeping New Zealand Beautiful)


Bonus Activity: On your blog, post a video or write a description of your week. What have you learned? What did you like about the trip? What didn’t you like? Was there anything that surprised you?
To earn full points for this activity, you must talk about what you learned, what you liked and what you about your great kiwi road trip.
My Work Below!

Bonus Activity: 12 points

Well, New Zealand truly is a stunning country, isn’t it? I think that we are so lucky to call it home! Let’s make sure that we do everything we can to keep the country safe and clean for future generations…

#Keep New Zealand Beautiful!


  1. Hi Brooke, I'm writing to you from Canada. I'm very impressed with the slide show you've created about your experience of learning about your beautiful country. You included some lovely photos and you clearly worked hard to identify places that you've 'visited' on your travels. Your descriptions were thorough - well done!! I enjoyed watching your presentation very much!


    1. Hi Leslie,
      Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback it really means a lot to me. Also I loved reading about your country.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Brooke,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience learning about Aotearoa. I'm so impressed to see that you created a google slide with some amazing photos and descriptions of New Zealand. Well done! We really hope you have had a wonderful time exploring New Zealand and learning interesting facts about people, places and events. Thank you for blogging with us. It's been a pleasure reading your learning activities and seeing you develop more awareness of what's happening in our country.

    Awesome work Brooke.

    Best wishes,